Come here, Daitarn III !

Of the countless series of giant robots produced in Japan over the two decades from the '70s to the '80s, only a handful managed to make their mark outside the archipelago. Many beautiful series remained confined to their country of origin and... to Italy. Thanks to its many local channels, whose budgets did not allow for the acquisition of American content, Japanese series have truly invaded the peninsula and imposed themselves on the imagination of young viewers. While elsewhere only one or two giant robots achieved a certain notoriety, in Italy an impressive pantheon of mechanical creatures gradually made their way into program schedules and viewers' hearts...

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It's finally here! Based on the acclaimed manga by world famous Katsuhiro Otomo, here comes a genuine high quality leather embodiment of the legendary red jacket worn by Kaneda. Designed in all details to match the manga’s original design, this exclusive 30th anniversary real leather jacket is a collector’s dream. Carefully recreated by italian designers, its german manufacturer captured all the details of the ’80s and managed to recreate a perfect replica of this iconic item

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After the worldwide success of Gatchaman - Battle of the Planets, Tatsunoko Production followed up with an exceptional string of unforgettable heroes: Neo-Human Casshern (1973), Hurricane Polimar (1974) and finally Space Knight Tekkaman (1975). It was the 70s, and the world was inflamed by a thousand year old martial art, Kung Fu, propelled to the forefront by the legendary Bruce Lee.

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When angels are forced out of heaven, they become devils...

When angels are forced out of heaven, they becomes devils... and devils know no gratitude, not even towards their creator. If there is one series that has forever marked the world of animation since 1999, it is Cowboy Bebop. Whether for its creators or for its spectators, there was a before and an after Cowboy Bebop.And in Cowboy Bebop itself, there was a before the Bebop, and an after the Bebop ^ _ ^

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